RapidGen Speaking at Decision CAMP 2014

RapidGen’s director of technical support presents “Decision Tables as a Programming Tool” at Decision Camp 2014 in Silicon Valley.

Practical code examples compare decision tables with “conventional” programming languages.

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RapidGen at OpenVMS Boot Camp 2014

David Durant, RapidGen’s consulting lead joins other OpenVMS practitioners for four days of technical content at OpenVMS Boot Camp 2014 in Boston, USA.

All eyes will be on news about VSI’s development of OpenVMS.

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HP Announces OpenVMS Development to Restart

HP announce that VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) has been formed with former DEC engineers to continue development of OpenVMS.

Roadmap includes a new version of OpenVMS on x86 architecture.

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OpenVMS: What are the Options?

In January 2014, HP announced a revised roadmap for supporting OpenVMS.

Understand the changes and options available for OpenVMS customers.

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Decision Table Programming

The science behind decision tables dates back to NASA in the 1950-60s.

Decision tables are used today to express complex logic succinctly for a business analyst.

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Data Conversion & Migration Facilities

There are two main approaches for translating and moving data from a legacy data format into another system.

You can use a conversion program or unload data to a serial format such as XML.

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