DMN Execution Engine

RapidGen Software offers users of the Decision Model & Notation standard (DMN) and DMN modeling tools a powerful execution engine, able to handle complex logic at scale.

While adoption of DMN as a valuable tool for business analysts has been increasing since the standard became official in 2015, enterprise class execution of DMN models has been slower to develop.

It has been estimated that,

“with BPMN, only a small fraction of modeling projects are intended for automation in an engine, but with decision models, that fraction is closer to 100%.”

Bruce Silver, Method & Style Blog

RapidGen’s depth of experience in decision logic programming in large organizations can help you deliver the business objectives targeted by your decision modeling projects.

With collaborators specialising in DMN modeling of complex business contexts such as investment banking, RapidGen can provide solutions which address the needs of both Business Analysts and IT.

Features / Benefits

  • Accepts XML output from any DMN Modeling Tool which is conformant with the DMN Standard
  • High speed execution
  • Scalable
  • Handles complex logic
  • Extremely fast and efficient RPL code

RPL code