Collaboration Opportunities

We are eager to expand our network of Decision Automation experts to meet the opportunities emerging from the adoption of Decision Automation and Decision Modeling, particularly Decision Intelligence, the Decision Model & Notation Standard (DMN) and Machine Learning.

Experience gained in large organizations which use business modeling or business rules and particularly experience of the technology interface between business and IT will be welcome. See Blog posts. Please send a brief CV to


  • Decision Modeling, DMN
  • Machine Learning/AI integration with Decision Automation
  • Agile Software Development (Jira)
  • UI/UX Design and Development
  • CI/CD
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Integration
  • Project Management


  • XML, XSLT Design, JSON
  • Agile UI Development using React, Vue, Angular, Storybook
  • Rest API
  • C, C++, Python, Java
  • AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and similar Web technologies
  • Database APIs (ODBC, OCI, Ingres OpenAPI)
  • VirtualBox, VMware, Parallels
  • Non-Relational Databases (e.g., NoSQL, Neo4j, MongoDB)
  • Relational Databases, (Oracle, Postgres)
  • RPL (Rapid Programming Language)
  • Linux Development and Administration