Success Team

Need a complete solution to ensure that your decision automation project achieves the business objectives sought by senior management?

RapidGen has decades of experience in the successful installation of business-critical software using its own decision automation software products. In association with partner organizations such as its Strategic Consultancy Partner, Lux Magi, and others, RapidGen can assist in your project with:

  • Business decision mining and analysis
  • DMN Model design for transparency, accuracy and scalability
  • Decision modeling tool selection
  • Health checks and reviews of existing systems
  • Pilot projects to get you started in weeks
  • Software performance enhancement
  • Mentoring and Training in
    • Decision modeling
    • RapidGen’s Genius Execution Engine and Test Data Generator
    • Visualization of test data to ensure model completeness

Jolyon Cox

Dr Jolyon Cox brings decades of complex software development experience to any team. His broad skillset includes writing compilers, runtime systems and user interfaces to ensure that a whole installation is functioning as intended by the customer.

  • Long experience of executable decision logic
  • Deep knowledge of DMN standard from implementation
  • Specialization in performance optimization and long-term coherent growth of an established software base

Howard Rogers

The developer of the Test Data Generator (TDG), Howard has long experience leading Technical Support for RapidGen customers and is always enthusiastic to engage with users and assist them in resolving any issues.

  • Designer and developer of the Test Data Generator
  • Long experience of direct interfacing with customers to resolve technical support issues
  • Extensive experience in full lifecycle software development and quality control
  • Experience in client projects in Mobile Telcos, Healthcare, Government, Finance, Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing

David Durant

In addition to developing interfaces for RapidGen’s DMN products, David brings an exceptional talent in testing.  He also leads the training on RapidGen products.

  • Specialization in testing strategy and execution
  • Extensive experience in full lifecycle software development
  • Leads the development and delivery of RapidGen product and decision logic training courses
  • Experienced in client projects in Mobile Telcos, Healthcare, Distribution, Finance, and Government

Jan Purchase

Dr Jan Purchase has been working in financial services for 25 years, during which he has worked with nine of the world’s top 40 banks by market capitalization. Over the last 20 years he has focused exclusively on helping clients on six continents with

  • Designing scalable automated business decisions
  • Decision modeling
  • Integration of artificial intelligence (including machine learning) into business decisions.
  • Training and mentoring all of these concepts to financial organizations
  • The application of decision modeling to the automation of finance and regulatory compliance to support clients in becoming and remaining compliant with ever changing regulations

In 2021, Jan pioneered the integration of large language models and decision modeling for corporate fact checking.

Dr Purchase is co-author (with James Taylor) of the book Real World Decision Modeling with DMN a comprehensive guide to decision modeling with DMN of which the second edition (for DMN 1.5) is now available.

Jan’s full biography can be found here.