Digital Decisions 101 – Part 1

What is digital decisioning (decision management) and why is it so crucial to your company?

Digital Decisions 101 – Part 2

Continuing the introduction to Digital Decisioning / Decision Management with a discussion about business benefits.

Decision Modeling: Model – Execute – Visualize

Decision Modeling: Model – Execute – Visualize: A silent video demo.

Machine learning enhanced business decisions

Using Decision Model & Notation (DMN) to integrate ML and automated Decision Making.

Introduction to Decision Tables

Watch RapidGen expert David Durant explain what decision tables are, and why they are so useful.

Simplifying Decision Tables

Learn how complex business logic can be streamlined by applying a simplification process to a limited-entry decision table.

Completeness Check

Find out how you can use a simple mathematical formula to check a limited-entry decision table is complete.

Writing Decision Tables

Learn how to reliably and accurately define business logic by writing a decision table.

Decision Tables ELSE Rule

Learn why you should use an ELSE rule as an exception handler for decision tables.