Getting Started with Digital Decisioning

As you set out to model and automate your company’s digital decisions, be aware that it requires a way of working and thinking with which you may be unfamiliar. Improving the agility, transparency and intelligence of your automated business decisions with digital decisions is not something you can accomplish overnight. It’s essential to start with … Continued

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Digital Decisioning Best Practices

While you are improving the agility, transparency and intelligence of your automated business decisions with digital decisions, consider the simple guidelines below. Do Start with Clear Business Goals in Mind When you model a decision, always start with the business motivation for making a decision, consider: Why automate this decision, how, specifically, would business operations … Continued

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Digital Decisions 101

Businesses need a separate representation of decisions, outside code or spreadsheets, that all business stakeholders can fully understand and directly test and improve.

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DMN Now Recognized as Mortgage Industry Standard

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organisation adopts the DMN standard for business rules and decisions across the mortgage industry.

This provides an excellent illustration of the benefits of DMN and paves the way for its use in other industries.

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Decision Management and Compliance

The IFRS-17 insurance accounting standard comes into force in May 2021, requiring insurance firms’ financial accounting systems to process transactions at a much finer level of detail.

Decision management is a powerful enabler for automating regulatory compliance, delivering transparency, and enhancing profitability.

Read this article to understand how high-speed, automated support for IFRS-17 was achieved with DMN and Rapidgen software

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High-Performance Business Decision Automation at DecisionCAMP 2018

Dr. Jolyon Cox and Dr. Jan Purchase will jointly present “High-Performance Decision Model Execution by Compilation of DMN into Machine Code” at DecisionCAMP on 17 September 2018.

Explaining how to achieve high-performance decision making, and show a live demonstration from DMN model at 100,000-1,000,000 decisions per second.

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500,000 Decisions per Second

In response to another DM challenge, we proposed an optimized DMN decision model.

Benchmarking tests on a simple laptop show high throughput and scalability at 500,000 decisions per second on a single core.

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How GDPR Makes the Case for Decision Management

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will start to be enforced across the EU in May 2018 for companies handling data on EU persons or companies. This includes the requirement to explain your decision-making.

If your company falls under the scope of GDPR, using decision modeling, deploying a decision technology stack and executing your automated decisions on a highly performant decision execution engine are going to be vital.

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DecisionCAMP 2017

The RapidGen team is attending DecisionCAMP in London, July 12th -14th, 2017

The Decision Model & Notation standard, with its advantages and constraints as an evolving industry standard, will be a primary focus for both panel discussions and practitioner presentations.

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