Level Up: How to Scale Business Rules to the Enterprise

Enterprise users of business rules, or even a BRMS, should be aware of the severe limitations of rules when scaling up systems. In contrast, the decision model approach improves the enterprise scalability of business rules by providing a high-level business organization of logic missing in business rules. It also provides a precise, measurable alignment between … Continued

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“Nothing to Declare but My Genius”: Type Safety in Decision Automation

Oscar Wilde’s retort to customs officials may be apocryphal, but oddly it has implications for decision automation. For example, is it always necessary for decisions to declare (in their design) the data type of their results? Or are there advantages to withholding this information until they are used? Should tools verify that decisions comply with … Continued

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RapidGen Play a Role in New DMN Business Adoption Initiative

RapidGen associate Jan Purchase was elected as inaugural chairmen of the Decision Automation Organisation’s DMN On-Ramp (DMNOR) committee in May 2021. In January 2022, RapidGen’s own Brenda Barnes was invited to join the Review Committee. In this article, we explain the purpose of the committee and its first deliverables to help businesses adopt DMN. Introduction … Continued

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The Hidden Power of Lookup Tables in Decision Automation

Decision tables are often used as part of the definition of business decisions because they are concise, easy to understand and easy to change. Occasionally, the logic of business decisions requires decision tables with many hundreds or even thousands of rows. We need to handle large lookup tables without requiring them to be entered into a decision model manually. Here we describe how…

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Getting Started with Digital Decisioning

As you set out to model and automate your company’s digital decisions, be aware that it requires a way of working and thinking with which you may be unfamiliar. Improving the agility, transparency and intelligence of your automated business decisions with digital decisions is not something you can accomplish overnight. It’s essential to start with … Continued

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Digital Decisioning Best Practices

While you are improving the agility, transparency and intelligence of your automated business decisions with digital decisions, consider the simple guidelines below. Do Start with Clear Business Goals in Mind When you model a decision, always start with the business motivation for making a decision, consider: Why automate this decision, how, specifically, would business operations … Continued

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Digital Decisions 101

Businesses need a separate representation of decisions, outside code or spreadsheets, that all business stakeholders can fully understand and directly test and improve.

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DMN Now Recognized as Mortgage Industry Standard

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organisation adopts the DMN standard for business rules and decisions across the mortgage industry.

This provides an excellent illustration of the benefits of DMN and paves the way for its use in other industries.

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Decision Management and Compliance

The IFRS-17 insurance accounting standard comes into force in May 2021, requiring insurance firms’ financial accounting systems to process transactions at a much finer level of detail.

Decision management is a powerful enabler for automating regulatory compliance, delivering transparency, and enhancing profitability.

Read this article to understand how high-speed, automated support for IFRS-17 was achieved with DMN and Rapidgen software

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