Decision Management Execution Engine

Decision Engine

Ultra fast execution of DMN Decision Models.
Specialists in decision table processing for over 30 years.

Model Your Business Decisions

Identify your important business decisions and use your favourite decision modelling tool to define them, their interrelationships and their dependencies on data.

Capture the result in a Decision Model & Notation (DMN) DRD diagram.

Capture and Import Your Business Logic

Capture the logic of your decisions in DMN decision tables and then import these into RapidGen as DMN compliant XML.

High Performance. High Scalability.

RapidGen translates the XML into a concise and transparent format of decision tables for decision logic programming —RPL— a rich, purpose-built language developed by the company.


  • Supports high speed execution of decision models
  • Is capable of processing large data volumes
  • Preserves traceability to the original DMN model

Proven Scalability and Reliability

RapidGen is trusted by leading companies world-wide for its expertise in large-scale, business-critical environments.
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1 January, 2021

Digital Decisions 101

Businesses need a separate representation of decisions, outside code or spreadsheets, that all business stakeholders can fully understand and directly test and improve.

10 April, 2019

DMN Now Recognized as Mortgage Industry Standard

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organisation adopts the DMN standard for business rules and decisions across the mortgage industry.

This provides an excellent illustration of the benefits of DMN and paves the way for its use in other industries.

20 February, 2019

Decision Management and Compliance

The IFRS-17 insurance accounting standard comes into force in May 2021, requiring insurance firms' financial accounting systems to process transactions at a much finer level of detail.

Decision management is a powerful enabler for automating regulatory compliance, delivering transparency, and enhancing profitability.

Read this article to understand how high-speed, automated support for IFRS-17 was achieved with DMN and Rapidgen software