RapidGen Partners

RapidGen works closely with leading companies to provide a complete solution for customers.

  • Expert consultants who specialize in decision modeling and management projects.
  • Leading vendors providing decision modeling software.
  • Technology vendors providing hardware, operating systems, database and other systems software.

Strategic Partner

Lux Magi

Lux Magi

Lux Magi helps businesses leverage the power of Decision Management to develop, manage, automate and optimize their business operations and compliance procedures.

We can train and mentor you to: identify, mine, automate and optimize your key business decisions and rules using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN); identify and track quantifiable business value; design your decision enabled architecture, incorporating machine learning where necessary and select the best implementation tools.

We can use decision modelling in concert with data science to refine your business data and optimize the benefit and transparency of your predictive analytic models – ensuring that the investment of developing an analytic model is channelled efficiently and has measurable business benefits.