RapidGen at Building Business Capability 2014

bbc Business Building Capability

Ritchie McGladdery, RapidGen’s Chairman and CEO, will be attending the bbc conference in Florida 2-6 November.

The Building Business Capability conference combines insight into business analysis, business strategy & transformation, and business rules & decisions to facilitate creating the agile enterprise.

Building Business Capability 2014
Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
Hollywood Florida
2-6 November, 2014.

This event includes workshops and nine tracks of presentations over five days. Key themes include

RapidGen’s Embeddable Decision Table facility, currently in development, will offer flexibility and advanced business logic to business analysts. It allows external calls to powerful Decision Table tabular logic from most business software packages. Business analysts can modify and create business logic and rules without needing to involve their IT department.


Are You Attending bbc 2014?

Please let us know if you’re attending and we can arrange for you to meet up with Ritchie McGladdery.