RapidGen Speaking at Decision CAMP 2014

Update: 8 October Full schedule of sessions and speakers has now been published.

Decision Camp 2014

Howard Rogers, RapidGen’s Director of Technical Support is speaking at Decision CAMP 2014
Decision Tables as a Programming tool
1:00pm 14 October 2014

Decision CAMP is the event for decision management practitioners. Attendees include business analysts, business experts, developers, and architects that use decision management technologies such as business rules, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and decision optimization.

Decision CAMP 2014
PayPal Silicon Valley Campus
San Jose, California
13-15 October, 2014.
Paypal Office

Decision Tables as a Programming Tool

Howard’s presentation and demonstration is on the theme of decision tables as a programming tool and will be included in the best Practices sessions on Tuesday 14, October.

The talk will include

  • Rule redundancy
  • Rule reduction
  • Optimisation
  • Bit-masking for run-time evaluation
  • Demonstrating relevance testing

Practical code examples will compare decision tables with “conventional” programming languages and demonstrate

  • How decision tables can be used but as a practical and efficient programming tool, not just as visual representations of complex logical processing
  • Shortcut compact coding techniques
  • Comparisons for simple truth and complex logic coding

The advantages and disadvantages of using tools based on interpretive, tokenised, or fully-compiled execution architectures will be fully explained.

There will be a round-up of current programming and application development tools on the market that can use decision tables. We will discuss future developments and techniques that allow structured decision tables (embeddable decision table facility) to be incorporated into any programming language.

Are You Attending Decision CAMP 2014?

Please let us know if you’re attending and we can arrange for you to meet up with Howard Rogers.