Decision Table Example – Vacation Days (part 2)

Part 1 showed how a decision table can express the complex business rules involved in calculating someone’s annual leave entitlement.

The decision table is accurate and easy to read, but here is another way to write the same logic in a decision table. Both methods are directly equivalent and are efficient ways to communicate logic for programmers.

Now see how RapidGen can take this one step further and directly execute the decision table without needing to rewrite any code.

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Decision Table Example – Vacation Days (part 1)

One of the challenges faced by business analysts is bridging the complexities of the real world with the simplified, logical, organized world of IT systems.

Business analysts need a way to represent complex business rules and decision-making processes in a way that is 100% precise for IT but still makes sense for non-IT specialists.

Decision tables are re-emerging as a popular format to represent this logic so that IT developers can accurately write code for business processes.

See a decision table example where realistic business rules are represented accurately. The format is ideal for business and IT professionals.

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Example Decision Table in Action

This example decision table prepares invoices for sending to customers.

It shows how a decision table can contain the necessary logic in less than a page.

The equivalent in COBOL or Java would run to a number of pages and be much harder to understand.

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Decision Table Programming

The science behind decision tables dates back to NASA in the 1950-60s.

Decision tables are used today to express complex logic succinctly for a business analyst.

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