Genius Suite for Developing Applications and Interfaces

RapidGen consultants use RapidGen’s software, Genius Suite, for rapid generation of data processing programs, typically as a part of a legacy system data integration or migration project.

Using Genius Suite is far more efficient than traditional programming and ensures programs are

  • Quickly developed for your specific business requirements
  • Portable across different IT architectures





  • Reporting
  • Web presentation
  • Query
  • Development
  • Debugging
  • Configuration
  • ETL
  • Application building
  • Programming
  • FILETAB migration
  • Database interfaces
  • ODBC/native SQL
  • No SQL / other database
  • Legacy & flat files

Genius Suite is a collection of application development tools that convert English-like business logic into highly-efficient executable programs across a wide range of legacy and modern IT systems.

The Suite can access data from

  • An extensive range of legacy data sources and legacy systems
  • Any software with C-based API
  • Even unknown, undocumented data structures

The Suite includes a highly-efficient language based on decision tables that is directly converted into executable machine code

  • To run natively on many legacy systems and modern systems without change
  • That includes data processing logic, data interfaces and user interfaces

The Suite includes a reporting tool with an English-like syntax that produces executable reports

  • SQL-like queries are supported, combining data from disparate data sources across legacy and modern systems
  • Output can be in tabular form or in other formats such as Excel, XML & JSON
  • XML output can be transformed dynamically via customisable XSLT into HTML
  • XML and JSON output can be invoked directly from a client-side Javascript framework

Genius Suite for Extracting Data and Reporting

RapidGen customers also use the same development and reporting suite. Data that had previously been ‘locked’ in a proprietary system can be easily used

  • A graphical report writing tool makes creating and modifying reports easier for business users
  • Data can be used to create tabular reports and charts
  • Data can also be exported as Excel, XML, or JSON files for use in other applications

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