RapidGen at OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015

OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015

Senior members of the RapidGen management team will be joining other leading members of the OpenVMS community for four days of technical content and peer-to-peer networking.

Attendees include HP OpenVMS engineers and executives, analysts, consultants, and industry professionals.

OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Radisson Hotel Nashua
11 Tara Blvd
Nashua, New Hampshire 03062
27 – 30 September, 2014.
OpenVMS Boot Camp website

The OpenVMS Boot Camp is the largest gathering of the entire OpenVMS ecosystem in the world! Bringing together OpenVMS customers, engineers, executives, and partners from around the world to learn from each other and subject matter experts.

There will be over 50 sessions, expected topics will cover: databases, decision tables, future of OpenVMS, high availability, migration, performance, security, virtualization, and the new roadmap for OpenVMS.

Presentations and audio from last year’s sessions are available at 2014 sessions. Following the success of last year’s conference, RapidGen will be represented by

  • Ritchie McGladdery, Chairman & CEO
  • Jolyon Cox, Director and Head of Development
  • Howard Rogers, Director Technical Support

Naturally, the renewed development of OpenVMS by VMS Software Inc will be a central topic for the conference, with the Bolton release having recently shipped and OpenVMS V9.0 due in 2017.

RapidGen is committed to supporting OpenVMS v9.0 on x86-64 architecture and to porting Genius Suite and other RapidGen software to this platform soon after its release.
2015 OpenVMS boot camp

Are You Attending OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015?

The RapidGen team are taking the opportunity to meet with customers and partners at the conference

Please let us know if you’re attending and we can arrange a private meeting for you.