RapidGen Software is pleased to support existing customers in modernising their OpenVMS installations.

New versions of OpenVMS released by VMS Software Inc. (VSI). Since 2015, VSI have been:

  • Updating and enhancing this highly-secure operating system and layered products.
  • Ensuring that widely-used Open Source products are compatible with OpenVMS.

Work is well advanced for the release of V9.0 in 2018, notably on x86-64 architecture. This version will be available for early adopters in 2018 and on general release in 2019.

The current version of VSI’s Rolling Roadmap including the State of the x86 Port is available here.

Users of OpenVMS on Alpha hardware now have an additional option to ensure OS support: VSI’s OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L1 version.


Alpha users therefore have three main options for their installations:

  • Port directly from existing hardware and version of OpenVMS to V9.0 on x86 in 2018/19.
  • Continue with current hardware but upgrade to VSI’s Alpha V8.4-2L1.
  • Emulate hardware on x86 hardware and either continue with existing OpenVMS version or V8.4-2L1.

RapidGen’s Genius Suite software has been in long term use on x86 architecture, having been available on Windows and Linux for many years. So we expect that porting Genius applications to OpenVMS on x86 will be straightforward.

In the tradition of DEC & HP, VSI is ensuring backward compatibility for third party products and existing applications on new versions of OpenVMS.