Architecture & Features

RapidGen software is implemented in RPL (Rapid Programming Language), a fully-featured programming language. RPL represents decision tables precisely and is compiled into efficient machine code using a fast single-pass compiler. Compiled programs are stored for reuse and mapped directly into memory for execution under the control of a low-footprint, highly-portable runtime system.

The compiled code is very efficient and performs most conditions and actions inline, making calls into the runtime system only for more complex operations such as file system I/O and database access.

Decision table rules are stored in a machine register and manipulated using bitwise logic instructions for maximum efficiency.

While the format of decision tables in the RPL language differs from that described in the DMN standard, the logic of the tabular format of conditions or rules and actions, remains the same.

Decision Tables are structured yet very flexible. In theory it is possible to have a very large number of conditions and actions.

Very complex logic can be simply expressed; even disconnected conditions and actions can be handled simultaneously. The way the decision tables are named and the conditions and actions listed can help with documenting the process logic.

Commercial experience

The RapidGen Team brings decades of experience in business critical installations in a broad range of industry and organizational environments including aerospace, nuclear, telecoms and healthcare.