Data Integration

Integrating data between applications is essential for modern organizations as processes span departmental silos for greater efficiency. High-quality data interfaces ensure data is transferred with greater speed, reliability, and accuracy.

Relational and Non-Relational

RapidGen has supported all the main data formats in common use since the 1970s. “NoSQL” and “Big Data” may be considered recent innovations, but RapidGen has supported non-relational databases for 30 years.

  • Support for full range of standard and proprietary SQL database using APIs, bulk loaders, procedures, ODBC drivers and equivalent interfaces.
  • Extensive support for non-relational databases including hierarchical, Codasyl, ISAM, columnar databases, key-value stores, and document stores.
  • Automated decoding for flat files, indexed flat files and documents to discover the formats, structures, and data types used.

Custom Data Interfaces

The methods for transferring between applications are generally batch mode or real-time, synchronous or asynchronous, individual transactions, documents or large data extracts. But the actual data and its meaning are usually very specific to each organization’s individual requirements.

  • Application logic is required to select and process data from the source system
  • Interim processing may be required to verify, combine and distribute data
  • Metadata must be maintained from simple logs to dictionaries.

Extract, Transform and Load

The data contents for each interface pass through three stages to ensure data is processed reliably, accurately, and quickly

  • Data is extracted from the data source including identifying changed data and parsing.
  • Data is transformed into the format required by the data target or a neutral format, including aggregating, transposing, mapping, sorting and validating.
  • Data is loaded into the data target and any errors are recorded and processed

Your Data Integration Project

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