Modern IT Departments

IT departments have to improve services for their organization with less budget.
IT must
  • Reduce risks of business disruption due to system failures
  • Integrate data between systems to improve business efficiency
  • Cut ongoing support and maintenance costs

Legacy IT Systems

However, systems that are 10, 20, or even 30 years old are becoming riskier, more isolated, and more expensive. This is due to
  • Shortage of personnel with legacy systems expertise, such as OpenVMS
  • Reduced support and hardware availability from systems manufacturers
  • Data being held in complex, proprietary non-relational databases

The RapidGen Solution

RapidGen provides the consulting and software solutions to give IT departments three choices
for managing and modernizing their legacy IT systems.

  • Systems Management

    Systems Management

    to keep systems running reliably and cost-effectively

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  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    to design and implement customized data interfaces

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  • Migration and Modernization

    Migration and Modernization

    to replicate legacy applications on current operating systems

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Coming Soon

Embeddable Decision Tables

Coming soon. Business users will be able to update business logic without needing IT to change any code.

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