Decision Management Execution Engine

Efficently generating and executing decision management code for over 30 years.
  • Automatically generate executable code from Decision Model & Notation (DMN)
  • Decision tables deliver higher performance using lower system resources
  • Expertise in large-scale, business-critical environments

Modern OpenVMS

VSI restarting OpenVMS development and delivering on an x86 architecture is a game changer, enabling
  • Modern servers with assured supply of low-cost replacements and peripherals
  • Modern networking and data center infrastructure
  • Scalability, resilience, and security of VMS clustering

Decision Management Expertise

Our team of world-class consultants and software engineers have successfully delivered high-volume, mission-critical applications for some of the world's leading businesses.

  • Systems Management

    Systems Management

    to keep legacy OpenVMS systems running reliably and cost-effectively

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  • Integration


    to integrate legacy and modern systems side-by-side

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  • Migration and Modernization

    Migration and Modernization

    to run legacy applications on modern hardware e.g. OpenVMS x86

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Latest Blog Post

3 Jan 2017: Decision Model & Notation (DMN)

RapidGen announces support for the DMN standard.


Coming Soon

Embeddable Decision Tables

Embedding decision tables improves code clarity and traceability for FinTech and other applications.

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