Legacy OpenVMS

OpenVMS systems running for 20 or 30 years old are a testament to its reliability, but they were becoming increasingly isolated and risky due to
  • Shortage of personnel with legacy systems expertise
  • Limited support and hardware availability from systems manufacturers
  • Data being held in complex, proprietary non-relational databases

Modern OpenVMS

VSI restarting OpenVMS development and delivering on an x86 architecture is a game changer, enabling
  • Modern servers with assured supply of low-cost replacements and peripherals
  • Modern networking and data center infrastructure
  • Scalability, resilience, and security of VMS clustering

Best of Both Worlds

RapidGen provides the consulting and software solutions to give IT departments choices on how to best utilize OpenVMS in the 21st Century.

  • Systems Management

    Systems Management

    to keep legacy OpenVMS systems running reliably and cost-effectively

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  • Integration


    to integrate legacy and modern systems side-by-side

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  • Migration and Modernization

    Migration and Modernization

    to run legacy applications on modern hardware e.g. OpenVMS x86

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