Supporting legacy IT systems is a specialized task. An external team of experts can provide more effective and cost-efficient legacy systems support than finding, employing and training your own specialists. Using external support will also allow you to allocate your own IT staff to where they can add the most value to your business.

Proactive Monitoring

Legacy operating systems such as OpenVMS include many advanced capabilities often providing much longer continuous availability than modern systems. Proactive monitoring can prevent many problems.

  • Preventive maintenance can reduce hardware failures, particularly for hard drives.
  • Performance monitoring on an ongoing basis can identify usage patterns, data growth and avoid systems becoming overloaded and impacting the business.
  • Security monitoring ensures that attempts to misuse the systems are identified as early as possible.

Disaster Recovery

As legacy systems get older, recovering from systems ‘disasters’ becomes more challenging.

  • Where manufacturing of new parts has ceased, suitable alternatives need to be identified and tested in advance.
  • Physical, environmental, electrical, off-site, backup and recovery plans should all be assessed to ensure they meet the organization’s needs.
  • Business continuity plans need to be designed and tested as a whole.

Urgent Support

Expert technical assistance is available to meet agreed service levels.

  • Remote assistance is available on-call.
  • RapidGen’s engineers can be deployed on-site when required.

Managing Your Systems

For advice or assistance with systems management, please let us know how we can help.
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