Bring Genius Suite Up-To-Date

Receive latest releases of Genius Suite, full support, and maintenance

Renew your support and maintenance agreement with RapidGen to get the latest release of Genius Suite featuring

  • Numerous bug-fixes
  • Security and performance improvements
  • Extended support for a broader set of data sources, interfaces and hardware architectures

Genius Suite





  • Reporting
  • Web presentation
  • Query
  • Development
  • Debugging
  • Configuration
  • ETL
  • Application building
  • Programming
  • FILETAB migration
  • Database interfaces
  • ODBC/native SQL
  • Legacy software
  • Legacy interfaces

Receive Latest Enhancements

Recent enhancements include

  • 64-bit compiler and runtime system for Windows, Unix and Linux
  • Remote access to RMS files on OpenVMS systems from Windows, Unix and Linux
  • Seamless migration between operating systems – no need to change code
  • Concurrent and heterogeneous access to multiple data sources
  • Data interchange formats including: XML, JSON, HTML, MS/Office, and PDF
  • RapidGen reports running in a web server environment

Support and Maintenance

  • RapidGen provides all Genius Suite customers with a current support and maintenance agreement:
  • Current software licences
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by telephone and email
  • Latest software release

Cristal Media Communications and Cristal Software

All Genius Suite customers can quickly and easily obtain a current agreement, this includes customers who purchased licences from Cristal Media Communications and Cristal Software and customers whose support and maintenance agreements have lapsed. RapidGen will waive any retrospective payments due when bringing lapsed agreements up-to-date, so long as:

  • The new support and maintenance agreement is for a minimum of two years
  • Software licences are exchanged on a like-for-like basis (there may be additional costs associated with upgrading to more powerful processors)

To find out more send an email to or use the form on the right to send us a message.