RapidGen is focused on solving legacy IT system problems, making legacy systems a valuable part of an organization’s IT environment by

10 Reasons Customers Choose RapidGen

  1. 30 Years Experience
    RapidGen is the only UK software and consulting company that has been integrating and modernising legacy systems, such as OpenVMS, for 30 years.
  2. Lower IT Support Costs
    Using a team of experts to avoid and solve problems is far cheaper than finding and training your own specialists as full-time employees.
  3. Reduce Risk
    Systems failures can lead to major business disruption and financial losses, especially as replacement hardware for legacy systems is becoming increasingly rare. To manage risk, external expertise can improve resilience and provide independent reassurance.
  4. Improve Data Consistency
    Integrating data between applications is essential for modern organizations as processes span departmental silos for greater efficiency. High-quality data interfaces ensure data is transferred with greater speed, reliability, and accuracy.
  5. Flexible Business Processes
    An organization must be able to adapt its business processes as it moves forward. But without the expertise to enhance their legacy application they may find they are ‘locked in’ and cannot progress.
  6. The Choice to Keep or Replace
    Whether it is better to migrate your legacy applications and data to a modern system, or keep the existing system in place and improve the resilience, integration and support e.g. using legacy systems emulation — the choice is yours. In both cases, RapidGen will help you from initial advice through to implementation and ongoing support.
  7. Complex Non-Relational Data
    RapidGen’s expertise and software suite have been applied to virtually every legacy data format ever used, including NoSQL databases, and proprietary file formats. The RapidGen tools allow our consultants to access unknown data formats even if the database interfaces are undocumented .
  8. Breadth of Legacy IT Systems
    While OpenVMS is the most frequently requested, RapidGen customers typically have to manage a mixed environment with several different legacy applications, data formats, operating systems, and hardware.
  9. Software Suite
    RapidGen consultants use RapidGen software to rapidly generate custom programs and interfaces. This specialist development suite is accompanied by tools for building queries, reports, and user interfaces.
  10. RapidGen Provides Complete Solution
    This unique combination of software, expertise, and experience means customers can turn to RapidGen and know their legacy IT systems projects will be higher-quality, faster and more reliable than anyone else.

How RapidGen Can Help You?

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